Avions Voisin is back to production

For those who is not especially expert in history of world automotive industry, the name of French brand Avions Voisin a little that will tell. Meanwhile, models let out by firm there is no time quite successfully competed in the market to such “celebrities”, as Bentley and Bugatti. And, quite possibly, will compete again.

To inhale in a legend a new life the Portuguese designer and engineers of companies LusoMotors, Ernest Freitas which has decided to revive the former glory of the French car industry which has existed exactly two decades – from 1919 till 1939, working on a concept car Voison.

For today auto exists only in the form of drawing in the design program, however they expect to construct the working model which plans to present on one of known auto shows. On technical parameters future concept it is equaled on Bugatti Veyron, and the analogue of diesel power unit Audi V12 should become model heart. It is necessary to agree, that it is notable “relatives”.

Avions Voisin