Ferrari Enzo

Enzo hot

Car Ferrari Enzo created in honour of the founder of legendary company Ferrari – Enzo a Ferrari, as a matter of fact, absolute racing bolid «Formulas 1», dressed in «civil clothes». Madly beautiful, unimaginably fast and fabulously expensive Enzo – a wreath of creation of engineers Ferrari and designers Pininfarina.

Ferrari Enzo

“Powerful” design

Huge light-alloy disks in the form of the five-pointed star, put in low tires form Bridgestone, keep a wide stocky body of the car in several tens millimetres from the earth. Body Enzo Ferrari literally all is penetrated by powerful funnels of air intakes: they distribute streams of running air so that to increase clamping force and to provide effective cooling of the engine without essential aerodynamic losses.
The cockpit in the form of “flashlight” of the supersonic plane comes to an end a long and narrow rear screen. Such impression, that it here for the only purpose – to show all the magnificent motor Enzo Ferrari established before a rear axle everyone of which twelve cylinders has a working volume of 0,5 litres. This modern unit without any forced aspirations develops 660 h.p.

The door here not simply opens – it rises upwards under a corner in 45 degrees. The interior in a racing way is strict, however in comparison with bolid F1 it simply number “lux”: an electropackage, the climate control, a quite good regular audiosystem.

Design of interior

Seats-ladles, inserts in doors, under a front panel and on the central extension housing are upholstered by a green skin, and the panel is made from very high quality materials. A small steering wheel slightly integrated from above where the light-emitting diodes are placed, allowing to supervise work quality gear boxes. Clutch pedals are not present, as there is no also habitual lever KP. Drives are switched by two underwheel levers: one – “upwards”, another – “downwards”. Yellow dials of a speedometer and a tachometre are marked to 400 km/h and 10000 mines-1 – promising figures!

It is curious, that attempt of the casual person it is convenient to be arranged at the wheel Enzo Ferrari it is capable to turn back full fiasco. The matter is that the seat is made under the concrete customer and you can not coincide with a constitution of the owner a superpenalty.