Ferrari F500 on the test track

On test track Fiorano which  is in Italy, there has passed test new, hitherto the unfamiliar automobile public of model Ferrari which has received preliminary name of Ferrari F500.

New red superpenalties with huge air inlets which settle down even on back wings, has forced journalists to dream up. The first the employees of edition AutoBild who has assumed have reacted to a car picture, that the Italian concern tests new Ferrari F500 with the 5-litre engine power of 500 h.p.

Other journalists believe, that Scuderia sports car F430 is engaged in working out of following generation, that indirectly confirms having set of the general details and decisions design of two cars.

Opinions are expressed also, that in pictures joint working out of the Italian concern and design company Fioravanti which here is going to note in such original way the 20 anniversary is celebrated. If true there will be last guess admirers Ferrari should not wait for a car to be released on the market as it will be collected in the single copy.