Ferrari FX70 to change Enzo?

In Italy the first news of new super fast car Ferrari, carrying preliminary name FX70 which, according to some experts, will come instead of models Enzo.

The test copy in body F430 Scuderia has been caught in the homeland of the car in Italy. At first sight anything new in appearance of model is not present but if to get accustomed, it is possible to see huge system of an exhaust, other, than at sport penalty F430 Scuderia which is located on the centre difusor. The car has longer wheel base.

On different data, the model begins to be completed or motor V12, or V8 with two turbines. Last engine less powerful, approximately on 50-100 h.p., but has the advantages – small weight and profitability.

In market Ferrari FX70 will appear not earlier than 2011, writes portal WCF. Model cost will make an order $500 thousand taking into account all taxes, and all will be let out about 300 of these Ferrari sports cars.