Hot Fast Car Lamborghini Estoque

On Parisian Mondial de l’Automobile the world premiere of model Lamborghini Estoque, the first in history of mark of a sports sedan of a category superlux, quite capable to apply for the status of the ancestor of one more family of super fast cars has taken place.

At Estoque there is everything, that defines Lamborghini. Extreme, uncompromising and unmistakably Italian, it brings absolutely new lines in a mark lineup: thanks to four landing places and quite worthy baggage compartment on the size, it turns in “sports superpenalties on every day”.

The extended wheelbase, restraint, wide trace and power, accurate surfaces and sharp as the razor accents – in each line is felt spirit of mark.

Estoque the first sedan in histories Lamborghini though definition “sedan” here defines quantity of the doors more likely, rather than any else characteristics, writes Финам.RU. And even the sports sedan not quite precisely classifies the model presented in Paris: Estoque opens a new category of sports sedans of the first-rate quality. The car equipped with the powerful engine, an all wheel drive and a difficult high-precision running gear, has a unique complete set.

In Lamborghini Estoque the innovative approach, creative potential and design talent of the brand issued today such families super cars, as Gallardo and Murcielago were embodied.
Lamborghini Estoque
Quite probably, that created specially for the Parisian motr-show, Lamborghini Estoque represents a base variant for the third lineup of the well-known Italian mark.