Lamborghini Reventon

In fight with a jet fighter before drove also well-known Bugatti Veyron, and exotic sport super car Spyker F1 – similar actions motor-car manufacturers aspired to warm up interest of public to the undoubtedly to magnificent cars. Recently Italians from Lamborghini have decided to draw steadfast attention of the public to model Reventon and have compared to it a fighter of the Italian Air Forces under name Panavia Tornado. The plane and the car revealed the strongest on a three-kilometre piece of military airdrome in Italy.

After start, Lamborghini Reventon, capable to be accelerated from zero to hundred for 3,4 with, had small advantage, but at a final stage of race Tornado, having come off the earth, has reduced backlog and quickly left in leaders, having exceeded as much as possible accessible speed of the car in 340 km/h.