Lotus Esprit Will Reborn

In some weeks management Lotus will announce the seven-year plan for development of the company, but some details of the future strategy of a motor-car manufacturer managed to be found out already now.

According to the plan for development, the company intends to reanimate super car Esprit, whose manufacture has been curtailed five years ago. Concern Proton, the owner of brand Lotus, is going to return for a long time to English mark former glory when production Lotus competed to models Ferrari and Porsche. As confirms Autocar again to become competitive in a segment of super cars, Lotus by 2012 will begin sale of following generation of model Esprit. The capacity parity to weight becomes a basic problem of working out of the car. It is expected that on 1 t car weight will have from 275 to 325 h.p. At super car Audi R8 with engine V10 this indicator makes 320 h.p. on 1 t weights.

Lotus Esprit should be constructed on a new platform of company Versatile Vehicle Architecture which approaches for workings out, both sport cars, and sedans and crossovers so it is not excluded that in the near future Lotus can adjust release sports suv, following the lead Porsche where prepare already the second generation Cayenne. Also it is informed that Lotus Esprit begins to be completed not only petrol motors, but also, probably, hybrid and even with electric installation.