Lotus Exige S Union Jack for British market

Forms Lotus Exige, certainly, one of the most remembered in the automobile world and if also it is unusual to paint a car body…

It is no wonder, what when to a command of the popular program “As they do it?” On port Discovery Channel the demonstration car was necessary, the choice has fallen on Exige.

The command from four professional technicians needed 10 hours completely to change appearance a superpenalty, having painted it in red, white and dark blue – colours of national colours of Britain – “Jack’s Union”.

Mайк Kimberley, chief executive Group Lotus, has noticed, that such colouring in the best way transfers spirit of mark Lotus. Unique Exige it is conceived in the single copy and it will be shown in the several dealer centres of the Great Britain in frameworks “Lotus Roadshow”.

Lotus Union Jack