Lotux Evora Launch Edition

Company Lotus for Switzerland has prepared sport penalties Evora Launch Edition and has shown it on a motor show in Geneva where these days all automobile beau monde has prepared.

Lotus Evora – while the unique representative in the market sports car with tuned configuration and the landing formula 2+2. The car is equipped 3.5 l by engine V6 power of 280 h.p. and as much as possible twisting moment of 342 Nanometers. To 100 kms/h sport car it is accelerated by the little more than 5 sec, the maximum speed reaches 280 km/hour.

Despite good dynamic indicators, the car it is impossible to name too gluttonous. On the average it spends to 8,7 l of fuel on 100 kms, and at this lung the sport car makes blowout CO2 205/km

The special version of model – Launch Edition – differs from the serial car silver disks, bi-xenon head optics, a rear-view camera and “luxury” audiosystem Alpine Imprint.

Standard colors for body coloring – Ardent Red and British Racing Green, but at desire the buyer, of course, can choose and other color. In Europe sales of this sport car Lotus Evora start in May of this year. The average price of the car makes €65 thousand, this is spoken in the press release.