McLaren P11 on Test Track

Today we wrote that in a global network there was a first image car McLaren P11, and now, after it, on the Internet the first “espionage” picture of the car is published also.

Unfortunately, the paparazzi was possible to make photos only a model rear, as it is not surprising, after all to catch up superpenalties is problematic enough. Under a cowl at McLaren P11 V-shaped “eight” in volume of 6.2 l by power about 500 h.p. the Motor, according to some information, is established works together with the semi-automatic transmission developed on technologies, used in Formula-1. The maximum speed of the car will make an order of 320 km/hour, and dispersal to “hundred” will occupy less than 4 seconds.

McLaren P11

The first, that is evident on a back part of the car are huge rear air intakes and fins on a roof which, however, hardly will appear on the serial version superpenalty McLaren P11.

Sales of this super car can take place not earlier than the end of 2010, and cost will make from £150 thousand to £200 thousand