Only 25 cars of Melkus RS 2000

Company Melkus in November of this year will begin realisation of new sport car RS 2000 which will arrive on the market in the limited number of cars.

They will assemble only 25 cars of model RS 2000 which will outwardly repeat lines of the predecessor Melkus RS 1000 who were built twenty years ago. Company Melkus making cars RS1000, stopped the existence in 1986. Its founder — German racer Heinz Melkus — replaced a kind of activity, becoming the official dealer of BMW. In 2005 Heinz Melkus died, and a year later his son Peter (Peter) and grandson Sepp (Sepp) decide to return to sources and to exhaust on the market new model with Melkus badges.

This continuer of a sort was not born yet, but already received the name — RS2000. Certainly, super car as Ferrari, to give the name is pretty difficult, but its characteristics very much even are quite good. Melkus RS2000 weighs hardly less tons, it is dispersed to “hundred” for 5 seconds (by means of the 200-strong petrol motor and six-step “mechanics”), and its maximum speed makes almost 250 kilometers per hour.

Melkus RS2000 GTS
As well as RS 1000, car RS 2000 has type doors a side panel of a seagull and quite good aerodynamic indicators. That new sport penalties it was well steered on the big speeds, it have equipped with the rear choke tube, the big modesty panel and have completely closed the car bottom. The model has the aluminium chassis and carbon body. Its weight makes only 454 kg. Company Melkus promises to open the information on technical characteristics of the car in the summer, is spoken in the press release.

At design Melkus RS 2000 have worked Lutz Fügener and Jens Timmich.