Zenvo ST1 – now thats the fast car!

Each nationality in something is good. Chinese is excellent workers, Brazilians – play football, Australians – magnificent farmers.
But when those people undertake those affairs, all starts to go not so. You do not go to have a rest to Germany, you choose more cheerful and light Italy more likely. You do not ask the Mexican to make a laborious work because the Japanese can make it. As affairs and with cars are. Danes who have opened company Zenvo.
The firm opened in 2004, and in five years it left the first and while the unique car – Zenvo ST1. Giant volumes of output impress – fifteen pieces. Only. Founders were not too lazy, opened the firm, five years spent for working out of one (!) car and exhausted in its circulation of 15 copies. But, maybe, in it there is something such, what is, say, in Ferrari 250 GTO?

The car furiously looks, but is silly, as a lion in orange overalls. Technical characteristics, undoubtedly, it is better than Daewoo, but, considering the car price (and it neither much, nor there are not enough 1 800 000 dollars without taxes), becomes obvious that for such money it is possible to spend much more reasonably. For example… To buy Bugatti Veyron. It is impossible to disagree that it is more eminent car, and the rank of the fastest gives it an additional steepness. Coming back to characteristics Zenvo: as the power unit acts seven-liter V8 from Corvette. A cursor supplied with forced aspiration and wires supercharger therefore it gives out 1104 h.p. – less, than at cheaper Bugatti SS, isn’t that so? The capacity parity to weight is equal to 802 horses on ton. It approximately on 300 than at Veyron but then why Zenvo ST1 goes more slowly? To hundred car is dispersed for 3 seconds, and the maximum speed is limited 375 km/h. A gear box – the six-step mechanics.
Price Zenvo ST1
In the summer of 2011 Danes showed new version Zenvo ST1. It became more powerful on 46 h.p. (1150 h.p.), the engine has been modernized, and acceleration time occupies less than 3 seconds. In total it is constructed three copies of a novelty: white, red and dark blue. The North American dealer – firm Red Sea Distribution will sell a coupe only. The car $1 800 000 without the account of taxes will cost. In the complete set – Swiss watch Aspen Zenvo which estimate in $49 thousand.